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Latest News

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2018/01/26 Kathará launched. Implementation of Netkit using Python and Docker. Ten times faster than Netkit and more than 100 times lighter, allows easy configuration and deploy of arbitrary virtual networks featuring SDN, NFV and traditional routing protocols such as BGP and OSPF. Kathará comes with P4, OpenVSwitch, Quagga, Bind, and more, but can also be extended with your own container images.
2016/02/03 We have published an experimental 64-bit release of Netkit that, among the various innovations, includes support for experimenting with OpenFlow-related tools, including Open vSwitch and the Ryu controller framework. You can find it in the newly added Experimental Version section of the Official Downloads page.
2014/05/27 Prof. Julien Iguchy-Cartigny has just published the first stable release of Netkit-NG, an independent fork of Netkit which includes more up-to-date software components, additional features, and bug fixes. Considering the relevance of this companion project and the amount of work accomplished by prof. Iguchy-Cartigny, a link to the Netkit-NG project web page has been added directly on the Official Downloads page.
2013/01/08 Sandro Doro has prepared an updated version of the live DVD/USB that is based on Knoppix release 7.0.5. It can be downloaded from the Official Downloads page.
2012/11/09 Sandro Doro has updated the live DVD/USB: now it is based on Knoppix release 7.0.4 and includes the Eclipse development environment configured for an Android target platform. You can find it in the Official Downloads page.
2011/11/27 In the last few weeks we have been releasing a number of brand new ready-to-use labs illustrating the operation of additional networking technologies. You can find them in the Official Labs page, and more are to come. Stay tuned!
2011/06/24 Sandro Doro has updated its live DVD/USB, to bring it up-to-date with the latest Netkit release. You can find it in the Official Downloads page. He has also contributed a lab explaining the operation of the IPv6 Neighbor Discovery mechanism, which is available in the Contributed Labs page.
2011/05/19 We now offer lots of improved facilities for users that are willing to actively contribute to the project. Whether you are a user willing to send a lab, or you are a developer interested in actively collaborating to the development of Netkit, you can find many resources to help preparing and submitting your contribution. Correspondingly, we have published and moved our development repository to Github, a public platform that offers lots of powerful instruments for collaborative development. As a consequence, we moved bug reports to Github's issue tracker. Last, we have improved the web site to reflect all these changes.

In order to find your way through all the changes, we have scattered an easy-to-spot icon through the web site, indicating resources that are useful for prospective contributors and developers. Click on that icon for more information about contributors' and developers' resources.

2011/05/04 A new maintenance release of the Netkit core and filesystem have been released, closing several longstanding bugs. Please head for the Official Downloads page for more information on the applied changes and to get the new releases.
2011/02/14 On the occasion of the release of Knoppix 6.4.4, Sandro Doro has prepared a new version of the Netkit live DVD/USB. You can get it from the Official Downloads page.
2011/02/01 People from the Centre de Formation des Apprentis of the UTEC (Emerainville, France) have packaged Netkit, VisualNetkit, and a version of GNS3 that is adapted for use with Netkit inside a live CD. You can download the live image from the Contributed Downloads page.
2010/11/15 People from the Istituto Paschini in Tolmezzo (Udine, Italy) have included Netkit inside their Netlive distribution. You can download the live DVD image from the Contributed Downloads page.
2010/05/24 Sandro Doro has released a new version of the Netkit live DVD/USB. You can get it from the Official Downloads page.

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