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This page is meant to be updated by Netkit users. If you want to contribute with a lab, please check the Contributor's Pack in the Official Labs page and contact us.

The following labs have been sent by users willing to share their experiences with the rest of the community. Please refer to the original authors for any information.

Description Download Contribution Information
Author Last Update Status
Lab and slides (in italian) showing the OLSR routing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks in action. Slides Alessandro Gnagni 2013/07/26 approved
Lab and slides showing an MPLS network where traffic is automatically and quickly rerouted in case of faults using a basic form of MPLS traffic engineering. Slides Francesco Di Ciccio
Fabio Antonini
2012/08/03 approved
Lab and slides showing a scenario with two MPLS VPNs created on customers having overlapping address space. The lab makes use of multiple Linux kernel routing tables to emulate VRFs. Slides Silvia Filippi
Leucio Ricci
Fabio Antonini
2012/07/25 approved
Portuguese translation of the following slide sets: "Introduction", "Single host", "Two hosts", "Static routing", "ARP", "RIP". Slides Wenderson Haler 2011/08/10 accepted
Lab and slides that illustrate the operation of the Neighbor Discovery mechanism in IPv6. Used by Sandro Doro within his networking courses at the Istituto Zuccante. Slides Sandro Doro 2011/06/21 accepted
Lab and slides that explain in detail the operation of a Certified Mail system ("Posta Elettronica Certificata"). The lab requires some precautions to be launched. Refer to this documentation for more information. Slides Giuseppe Pantanetti 2009/04/30 approved
Lab (56MB)
Spanish translation of the slides – Includes "Introduction", "Single host", "Two hosts", "Static routes", and "RIP". Available in both PPT and PDF format. Slides José María San José 2009/01/07 accepted
Italian translation of the slides – Includes "Introduction", "Single host", "Two hosts", and "Static routes". Available in both PPT and PDF format. Slides Giovambattista Ianni 2007/07/12 accepted
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