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Questions, bug reports, contributions, and any communications concerning Netkit can be submitted to the Netkit team by email:

If you are looking for a place where to discuss with other users about features, bugs, labs, and, in general, usage of Netkit, then the mailing list is the right place:

Posting to the list is restricted to subscribers, but you can freely subscribe using this page. The mailing list language is English.

The mailing list archives can be freely browsed without subscribing. You can also search through the mailing list archives by using the Mailing List Search page or by directly typing some text in the box below:

About Us

Netkit is the result of the joint work of several people from the Computer Networks Laboratory of the Roma Tre University and from the Linux User Group LUG Roma 3.

Involved people changed across time. Currently, the Netkit team consists of:

  • Giuseppe Di Battista
  • Maurizio Patrignani
  • Maurizio Pizzonia
  • Massimo Rimondini

Sandro Doro uses Netkit in its TIC course (Technologies for Information and Communication, italian only) and, for that purpose, maintains a live CD which also includes several lab experiences.

A special mention is due for the following people, who gave significant contributions in the past:

  • Andrea Cecchetti
  • Lorenzo Colitti
  • Federico Mariani
  • Stefano Pettini
  • Flavia Picard
  • Fabio Ricci

Special thanks also go to the students of the Networking Courses of the Roma Tre University, who have been using Netkit extensively during their studies.

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